At Credera, we believe that anybody who uses the internet should be able to access, navigate, and explore websites with ease, regardless of their capabilities.

In this article, we outline a number of best practices that you should apply when developing a website.

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1. Structure your pages correctly

With semantic markup, the tags you use…

A quick and simple way to add a gradient border to an image and how you can play around with it.

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Adding a gradient border to your image couldn’t be simpler! Here are a few examples through the medium of cake batter.

All you have to do is set the…

A guide to help create a reusable React range slider component with dynamic labels using Bootstrap and what to do if the slider questions and order are unknown to the survey component.

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This range slider will display “Strongly Agree / Agree / Neither Agree nor Disagree / Disagree / Strongly…

No better way to promote rewilding and conservation CSR days than by taking part in one myself. It’s off to Sydenham woods…

Our tools for the day

When I first started at Credera, I was delighted to find out we are able to take 2 CSR days a year for a charity or cause of…

In this article, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to integrate the SalesForce LiveAgent Chat feature into a React app. We also explain how customising the functionality will enable the initialisation and startChat function to run on a single button click.

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Identifying code scripts

When setting up LiveAgent, you are initially provided…

Act 3 in the process that is project work

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And so, on to the third post about my current project, Innercise. A lot has happened since my last update and the app is starting to come together nicely. Innercise now features:

  • the ability to sign up, sign in and sign out
  • the ability to like workouts and see the…

Silence isn’t always golden

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The process of learning how to code has consistently thrown my brain into a mode that I probably haven’t experienced since university. Long hours at a desk, headaches from concentration (and screen time), obsessively chewing my nails when I get stuck — to name but a…

How to show your most liked posts in Rails

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This post will assume that you have already set up a likes model and controller (and the necessary database migration). If you have not then I recommend a very helpful blog post ‘’. If you have, then let’s continue!

Just for information, I…

Sometimes switching it off and on again actually causes the problem

I wish pointing at the problem made it go away…

I feel like I’ve wasted the morning. In an attempt to get the sound buttons on my mac working again (I have no idea why they stopped), I restarted my computer. Classic solution. …

The completion of my MVP

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Following on from my previous blog post, , comes the completion of Innercise’s minimum viable product! I was aiming to have the following functionality:

  1. Home page featuring a series of buttons detailing what area of the body you want to focus…

Sophia Bell

Junior software engineer at Credera UK and graduate of Makers Academy

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